“In my thirty years of experience in theatre I have never had the privilege of collaborating with anyone more talented or professional.”

Joseph Adler, Producing Artistic Director

 Gable Stage
 Coral Gables, Florida

”The technical, compositional and storytelling nuances involved in the “musical diologue” he writes are very complex.
And yet his delivery is susinct and seemingly simple with clean production.
Each project furthers our amazement of his talent even after the many years of working together.”

Rebecca Karst, President 

Boom Town Films
 Miami, Florida


“It was and continues to be my great pleasure to work with a true professional like Michael.
I have used him on commercial, corporate and documentary projects.
Michael is an artist with a tremendous work ethic that I greatly appreciate as a

Walter Collins, Producer/Director

Bold Creations, Inc.
Miami, Florida

“Mike is an expert in music composing, arranging and mixing.  I have always received
better than expected results and have never been disappointed with his service.
His insight and creativity are refreshing and most intuitive.
Mike is highly reliable; when he says something will be done, it is done with perfection and on time.
I am preparing to work with Mike on some future projects, and it is my honor to recommend him.
For me, he is one of the best in the business – Mike is “THE MAN”.
You will not be disappointed.”

Lisa Kemp-Williams
 Gospel & Inspirational Performer
 Miami, Florida

”Michael is easily one of the most talented, creative, and genuinely honest people I’ve encountered in any profession.
I had admired his creativity and astonishingly powerful music abilities long before I knew where they came from – to me,
that is the mark of a professional being at the top of their field.
I would recommend Michael for any musical, sound design, or production endeavor.
He is the texbook definition of a professional.”

Ken Morgan, Chief Engineer/Proprietor

 Wireline Studio
 Midland, Texas

“Mike has not only mixed all of our project at All Ways Entertainment, he has composed several of our largest pieces.
He All Ways makes us look like geniuses in the client’s eyes. He gives each piece exactly what it needs
to stand out while branding the client’s message through the use of original scoring.
He listens. That is his most important quality. Use this man!”

Jim Robertson 
Owner, Director 

All Ways Entertainment
 Jupiter, Florida

”…but it’s Michael’s spooky soundscape that makes the actors’ nervous tension contagious,
slowly working its way through the audience. It’s an itch worth scratching.”

Jack Zink

 Theater Critic – The Sun Sentinel, Ft.. Lauderdale, Florida
 (Critique of the play “Bug”)

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